5 new investment presentations added

Posted Nov 25, 2014

We have added the following 5 new presentation to the site. They can be viewed from investment link on the top left hand menu.
The principles of investment planning

The presentation covers:

  • Asset allocation
  • Portfolio optimisation
  • Portfolio construction
  • Portfolio management
  • Fund selection
  • Tax wrappers
  • Product providers
  • Other factors

Introduction to cash investments

The presentation covers:

  • Introduction to cash and fixed interest securities
  • Cash investments
  • Risks involved in cash investments
  • Taxation of cash investments
  • Fixed interest securities
  • Risks of fixed interest securities
  • Taxation of fixed interest securities

Introduction to equities

The presentation covers:

  • Risk
  • Equities
  • Dividends and capital growth
  • Gains and losses
  • Tax
  • Real returns

Introduction to indirect investment products

The presentation covers:

  • Available products
  • Unit Trusts
  • OEICs
  • Offshore funds
  • Investment Trusts
  • Taxation
  • Comparisons, advantages and disadvantages

Introduction to analysing investment performance

The presentation covers:

  • Past performance
  • Performance measurement
  • Performance of fund managers
  • Performance of fund managers
  • Selection of a fund manager
  • Portfolio reviews